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DBI is distributing, implementing and supporting modern advanced business solutions for industry

Companies are starting to realize that to achieve success in business so far existing tools or simple ERP systems are not enough. New needs arising from globalization, the need for faster growth, margin squeeze, shorter life cycles and higher level of compliance requests can not be met by them. Are needed both new tools and new methods and new information technologies and the team of experienced business partners who can help customers meet their new needs and requirements. Rising profit, productivity, the need for growth, costs reduction and increasing efficiency of supply chain management (SCM) becomes the key goals of customer needs. With good tools and methods the market leaders are reaching more "Perfect Orders" and greatly reducing the number of days of supply, and significantly shortening the cycle ("cash-to-cash") and lowering operating costs in the supply chain, resulting in significant financial benefits and competitive advantage.

Such a business partner helping the Customers in achieving these objectives is DBI

In order to offer the best quality supplied products and professional services DBI decided to invite for cooperation the market leaders of Enterprise Business Solutions - Strategic Partners. Taking advantage of their years of experience and knowledge of DBI consultants, we are assuring our Customers ability of optimization of their businesses in order to achieve market success.

The main Strategic Partner of the DBI is the Infor Global Solutions, US,
the world leader developing best class business management software. It’s products are recognized by more than 70000 customers worldwide.

Other very important DBI Strategic Partners are:

  • WCM Solutions Srl., Italy, Infor Channel Partner, specializing in Industrial Management Solutions addressed to medium size manufacturing companies, unique distributor in Italy software solution suite Infor ERP Syteline.
  • Single Source Systems, US, Infor Channel Partner, specializing in Assets Management solutions and produces a variety of business management systems in cooperation with Infor.
  • SCM Solutions, Germany, Infor Channel Partner, specializing in supply chain management solutions for manufacturing industry.
  • Open Application Group Inc. US, organization creating and developing OAGIS - Open Business Standard which plays very crucial role in today modern Customer Business Solutions.

Our experienced consultants knows the service industry. We help companies improve business performance, optimize the quality of service, reduce costs, increase profits and maximize customer success.

DBI company acting in areas: Production, Distribution and Retail provides Advanced Solutions of our Strategic Partners such as ERP Systems, SCM Systems and Performance Management Systems and offers related with them Services with the know-how and long experience of our consultants, as well as knowledge know-how and experience of our Strategic Partners, and thanks to our cooperation with OAGi, knowledge of modern business standards ( OAGIS ) and information technologies such as SOA.

All to provide our Customers the highest possible level of service

Zygmunt Mazurkiewicz