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Infor PLM

Infor PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) helps your business maximize profit by optimizing every stage of your product's life from portfolio management to product development to ongoing maintenance and retirement. It integrates product information from design and engineering with sourcing, compliance, suppliers, and supply chains to speed product development, ensure quality, and mitigate regulatory risks.

Infor PLM has helped companies like yours:

  • Improve product innovation
  • Drive revenue growth with successful new product introductions
  • Boost new product profitability by up to 10%
  • Reduce time to market by up to 50%
  • Improve on-time product launches by up to 98%, including regulated industries


Infor PLM 8:

pdfInfor PLM 8 Product Data Management datasheet English.pdf

pdfInfor PLM8 brochure.pdf

pdfInfor PLM 8 for Component Based Manufacturers brochure English.pdf

pdfInfor PLM 8 for Project Based Businesses brochure English.pdf

pdfInfor PLM 8 Lifecycle Analyzer datasheet English.pdf

pdfHow do enterprising manufacturers stay ahead of the compliance game whitepaper English.pdf

Infor PLM Optiva:

pdfInfor PLM Optiva brochure English.pdf

pdfInfor PLM Optiva Advanced Modeling Brochure English.pdf

pdfPLM Designing Products for Sustainability and Profitability English.pdf

pdfProcess Manufacturing Ensuring Food Safety Through Active HACCP Management whitepaper English.pdf

pdfProtect Product Safety How manufacturers can boost efficiency and profitability whitepaper English.pdf

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